Hangin Out #5: Neo Muzik, Funny Poems, Sling Puck - Kaldzar
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Hangin’ Out #5

Hangin Out 5

Hangin’ Out #5

New School Tunes and Old School Fun

Let’s tantalize our ears with progressive, new sounds; tickle our funny bones with some silly poems; and get our fingers warmed up for a puckin’ good time!

Music On My Teeth #3 – With NEO

Neil is a great friend of mine, with whom I love to share music.  Today, we’re lucky enough to have him share some of his music with us!

Hana: “What does music mean to you?”

Neil: “When I really think about my relationships with my dearest friends, I think about how it all stemmed from music.   I  was thinking the other day that IT IS because of music that I have built so many deep relationships and that’s one thing I’m so thankful for everyday.  I heard one of my favorite musicians say that music IS THE TRUE Language of the Soul.  When I play a set, I like to take my audience through a journey and there’s nothing I enjoy more than being able to share my story through the sets  I play.  

With the right tools and an open mind, the melding of souls that takes place in a musical environment is really like nothing else.  

It’s a moment when we let our guards down.  Just seeing everyone communicate through movement because the music becomes the language.  There’s no expectations and no judgement.

Just a community creating an environment and vibe that’s so right…  It’s magical.”

Cool Fact:
No number before 1,000 contains the letter “A”.

Poetry LInes to Make You Laugh

When is the last time you read poems? It has probably been ages, right? There are many poetry types, from epic poems to love odes to humorous limericks. Poetry began as a form of entertainment, and we’re here to have fun while hanging out with friends, so let’s amuse ourselves with some funny poems.

Shel Silverstein was a cartoonist, playwright, poet, performer, recording artist, and Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated songwriter. His poems were a staple of my childhood reading. Their mix of thoughtfulness and silliness always brought a smile to my face. Here are a few that you may enjoy.

Try having a little poetry reading contest. Be as emotional, silly or animated as you can handle. Maybe use funny voices or act out the poem as you go. You’re with friends, so cut loose! 🙂

And the best part about the contest? In the end, everybody will be laughing and perhaps a bit inspired, so everybody wins!

Cool Fact:
George MacDonald (1824-1905) wrote a two-word poem called ‘The Shortest and Sweetest of Songs’. It simply reads: ‘Come Home.’

Game Time! Sling Puck

Check out this Sling Puck board game we found! To help you understand what’s going on in the video, let me explain the sling puck rules. The idea is to use the elastic band on your side of the board to “slingshot” your pucks to the opponent’s side. The trick is, you can only use one hand… and there is a tiny slot that allows only one puck through at a time. Therefore, you must choose your shots wisely so as to make it through without getting blocked. Or conversely, time your shots perfectly to block your opponent’s pucks. Get ready for many spectacular collisions, often with hilarious results. But these are part of the fun, and they generate even more laughs. So let the games begin!

Although we may be social distancing, that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of our time indoors. Every night should be a memorable night! So shake up some smiles with those close to you.

Let us know your favorite way to hang out! We’d love to hear and share all the fun ways to stay connected with friends and family. Drop a note in comments below, or email us at contact@kaldzar.com.

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