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Wonder Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom

Our mind is as complex as the universe. It produces our every thought, action, memory, feeling, experience and wonder of the world. How we understand ourselves and our experiences fundamentally shapes the way we live our life.

Here, we explore topics and share discussions about the whole experience and understanding of the self, in all its complexity and capacity for change.



The Human Body Resonates At The Same Frequency As Mother Earth

‘Change’ is not just changing the things outside of us. First, we need the right perspective. That kind of insight is crucial for transformation. Then we can apply the methods.

Expect recipes, workouts, meditations, mantras and more from the authors and community at Kaldzar.



All We Have Are The Connections We Make

We’re an ultra-social species whose survival rests on our ability to maintain social connection.

Because of Covid, social distancing has severed our ability to connect with people. Let us help you keep the connection with your friends and community in this social space.

Hangin Out 4

Hangin’ Out #4

Enjoy some frosty fun outdoors, a mixed drink, and new mixed set!

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