My Heart by Hana Zarour
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My Heart

Hana Zarour

My Heart

A poem of my heart; This One’s for you….

“My heart” She speaks to me, the last few days,

pounding against my chest.

The insides of my ribcage are surely bruised.

My heart; She has been crying out for you,

demanding refuge in the care of your body.

I feel my blood boil as it passes through her.

If I could, I’d free her..

Let her fly straight to you as this rioting is making it impossible for me to breathe.

In hopes of calming her, I wrap my arms around myself to mimic the warmth of your embrace,

but she laughs at me.

She craves the smell of your skin, as I begin to feel the rest of my body quiver.

By Hana Zarour

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