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Ways To Improve Gut Health

Love Your Gut.

Ways To Improve Gut Health

A well-functioning digestive system is vital for extracting all the essential nutrients from the healthy food you eat. Additionally, 80% of your immune system lives within this system; therefore, a healthier gut means a healthier you. Modern research is also showing a close link between the gut microbiome and cognition and mood. As such, maintaining the proper balance of prebiotic nutrients and good, probiotic bacteria in your intestinal biome impacts almost all aspects of your life. Use these recommended and proven ways to improve gut health and overall well-being.

Gut Garden Full Stack

GoodGut Program

This 5-stage program from Gut Garden is specially-designed to rebuild and restore gut health long term.

  • Activated Charcoal safely absorbs and remove toxins from the digestive tract.
  • Digestive Enzymes replaces depleted or compromised digestive functions.
  • Perfect Probiotic repopulates gut bacteria, improving metabolism, digestion and immune function.
  • Resistant Starch Prebiotic enhances good bacteria and microbial diversity.
  • Collagen Peptides helps restore and strengthen the intestinal lining.

Full Kit for $125.00 only $112.50 when you invest in a subscription (10% Savings!)
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Onnit - Gut Health

Total Gut Health

These packets specially-formulated by Onnit provide all you need to optimize your gut. Each daily does includes digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, saccharomyces boulardii and betaine HCI.

One Month (2 boxes) for $75.90 only $52.80 + FREE Gift when you invest in a 3-month supply (30% Savings!)


This full-spectrum enzyme supplement from Onnit brings the support you need to help digest fats, lactose, carbs, protein, and fiber. This helps your system more easily move digested foods and efficiently absorb the nutrients from them.

One Bottle (60 capsules) for $32.95 only $28.01 when you invest in a subscription (15% Savings!)

Atrantil bottle


Developed by a gastroenterologist, AtrantÍl helps promote overall digestive health. However, this nutraceutical is specifically designed to target the unwanted bacteria in the upper GI tract to help eliminate bloating and its associated discomfort.

One Bottle (90 capsules) for $39.95 only $33.96 when you invest in a subscription (15% Savings!)
+ Use our discount code WELCOME to save an additional 10% off!


This drink from Natural Stacks features a natural blend of prebiotic fibers, glycine, chamomile, and other natural ingredients that are proven to support optimal digestion and regularity, all while helping you get deep, restful sleep.

One Container (20 servings) for $29.95 only $23.96 when you invest in a subscription (20% Savings!)

BrainBiotic from Natural Stacks


New research is showing the relationship between gut health and brain performance. This premium blend of probiotic strains designed is formulated by Natural Stacks specifically to support the gut-brain axis. This enhances your gut and mind at the same time.

One Bottle (30 capsules) for $29.95 only $23.96 when you invest in a subscription (20% Savings!)

L-Nutra Fast Bar Variety

Fast Bar

When you need a healthy yet mobile breakfast, or a quick snack on-the-go, reach for a Fast Bar. Their nut-based recipes are high in fiber and complex carbs, both of which are good for digestion. Additionally, they are based on the decades of research behind the fasting-mimicking diet, and are vegan (but with honey), so are nutrient-dense without extra sugar or fillers. Boost your digestion and stay fueled – even while still fasting!

**Special Offer! 30% Off + Free Shipping on all orders over $50!**

30-Count box for $84.00 $49.98! Activate a monthly subscription to take 10% off, enjoy the 30% off deal, then apply code KALDZAR at checkout to take an additional 15% off!

We have partnered with brands we trust, all of whom support the healthy lifestyle we promote.  Learn more about them, and take advantage of the discounts we’ve shared for their products.

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