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ViPR Training

ViPR trainer

ViPR Training

More than just a cool-sounding name, this new training method will whip you into shape faster than a mamba.

The ViPR program is gaining popularity because it rolls strength training and fat burning into one perfect workout. ViPR (which stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning) is part of the new exercise category called Whole Body Integration (WBI). Traditional workouts focus on isolating specific muscles. However, this progressive approach to training advocates movements that require the body to work synergistically. This means it requires more muscles to work together, just as your body does in any real life situation.

The ViPR Equipment:

The ViPR method requires a special weighted rubber tube that is about a meter long. (This bar or tube is also referred to as ViPR.) See if your gym has this equipment available for use, or if they offer a class you can try.

Follow the routine below if you have a ViPR bar already. If you do not yet have it, keep reading and get interested!

The ViPR Method:

You will complete complex, multi-dimensional patterns of movement. As a result, your body will harmonize and recruit muscles to work together. In some positions the ViPR acts as a simple resistance tool, fatiguing muscles the same way a dumbbell or barbell would. But in some other moments, the cylinder pulls the body away from its center of gravity. This requires a higher level of balance and agility to complete the exercise. Consequently, you are taxed in a whole new core-centric, calorie-burning, total-body-sculpting way.

Check out Chloe Levray’s multi-directional movement routine here.

Today’s workout:

Perform the indicated reps for each exercise once, circuit-style. Then repeat the circuit twice more.

  1. Uppercut Lunge
  2. Circular Lunge
  3. Squat Catch
  4. Rolling Push-Up
  5. Sit-Up Chop
  6. Thread The Needle

Videos Posted on @Kaldzar with guest coach Chloe Levray

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