A healthy back takes care to avoid and heal pains and spasms. Photo by Lina Kivaka.

Identifying and Treating Back Pain & Back Spasms

How to get from a “pain in the back” to “back in action!”

As a trainer and coach I often hear my clients, friends and family complaining about having pulled/thrown out their back. (Or how their spouse or significant other has done the same.) Hence my purpose for putting together this quick video and post all about treating back pain and spasms with my dear friend and movement specialist coach, Chloe Levray.

When you get injured, it is as important to find the reason WHY you got hurt, rather than simply focusing on healing the injury.

If you fail to understand and treat the reason for your injury, or if you simply don’t look closely enough, you will likely face similar injuries (or worse) INDEFINITELY…

So today with Chloe, we discuss:

  • HOW to approach a new injury
  • WHAT to look out for
  • WHY the injury could have happened, and
  • HOW to heal back pain at home and prevent further harm.

More ways to move pain free… GOATA MOVEMENT!

Below, we have listed some assessment and rehab exercises for treating back pain such as a common back pull or spasm.

Movement Assessments:

  • Hip Mobility
  • Cat-Camel
  • In-Line Lunge Halo
  • Forward/Reverse Beast Walk
  • Lateral Beast Walk
  • Hip Bridges
  • Single Leg Hip Bridges
  • Side Plank Clam Shells
  • Bird Dog
  • Kettlebell walks (different variations include bottoms up, by the side, overhead, overhead and by the side, bottoms up overhead)

Rehab Movements:

  • Choose 4-5 movements from the assessment exercises that didn’t cause pain higher than a 3. (On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being highest pain.)
  • Take those 4-5 movements and perform 5-10 reps each in 1-2 sets. Do this 3 times a day.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send us a direct email here.

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