SAMA’s 2018 Boiler Room debut, which was hosted live from the West Bank in Palestine, has surpassed 4 million views. This certainly affirms her as a musical pioneer in the region.

SAMA’ moved to Palestine at six years old. This came after a 1994 ruling allowed her father, who had been expelled from the country in the 1960’s, to return to his homeland and reclaim residency. She was a witness to constant war and a subject to strict curfews up until the age of 18. She left Palestine to study in Beirut at that time. And subsequently, it is here that her love for electronic music began to blossom.

This symbolic artist of the Palestinian underground scene is the first Palestinian DJ and electronic music producer. In addition to overcoming the hardships of her home country, she now beams her hard beats around the globe. As a result, she is now considered one of the planet’s most exciting techno talents!

Get It, SAMA’ !!