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Strengthen Your Back With This Lats, Traps and Rhomboids Workout

Complete Back Workout

Strengthen Your Back With This Lats, Traps and Rhomboids Workout

If you have ever had back pain then you know just how frustrating and limiting it can be. That’s because almost every movement your body makes engages your back in some way. Shockingly, approximately 60-80% of adults in Western countries deal with lower back pain. Strengthening your back muscles is a recommended way to manage and sometimes even prevent non-specific back pain. Additionally, it can help you improve stability throughout an expanded range of motion.

Primary muscles in the back include:

  • Lats – Your latissimus dorsi are the large V-shaped muscles that extend from below the armpits down towards your hips.
  • Rhomboids – (Major and Minor) Are located in the mid-upper back, and play an important role in upper limb movement and stability of both the shoulder girdle and scapula.
  • Traps – Your trapezius muscles are large, triangular muscles that extend over the back of the neck and shoulders, and move the head and shoulder blades.
  • Erector Spinae – A group of muscles that run along your spine and support most range of motion.

The exercises included in this workout target a combination of these muscles. If it is the first time engaging these muscles, be sure to go through the movements slowly and steadily and refrain from using any heavy weights.

10 Mins Dynamic Stretch

Complete Back Workout – 5 Rounds

35 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF

Superman Extension

(Add resistance with a band)

Triceps Dip

Plank Hold Elbow Extension

Overhead Abdominal Crunch

(Add resistance with a Dumbbell)

Kneeling Lateral Raise
(Add resistance with a Dumbbell)

30 minute Incline Walk

Cool Down Stretch

*Visit our Instagram page for reference videos for each movement.

To understand more about rest timings, read our post on rest intervals.

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