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ProLon Ingredients, Box Contents and Nutritional Facts

ProLon Carton, Boxes, and Bottle

ProLon Ingredients, Box Contents and Nutritional Facts

In this post I provide a breakdown of what comes in a box of Prolon. This is meant to compliment my previous Prolon Review (linked below), and will give you a a good idea of what to expect to consume over the course of the five-day fasting-mimicking diet. Not only will you see the contents of a Prolon FMD kit, but the ingredients and nutritional facts as well. This will be particularly beneficial if you have allergies or special dietary needs, so that you can review all ProLon ingredients before considering the revitalizing meal plan for yourself.

Prolon Carton and Daily Boxes

Read About My Experience Using Prolon

Overview – Weekly Meal Plan

Here is the Meal Program Card for Prolon Variety Two. The plan for Variety One is similar, just with different soup flavors. The food is specially designed and balanced for each day. You don’t necessarily need to follow the plan exactly as it is written. You may eat the food in any sequence you wish during any given day. However, you should not swap food items between days, nor swap days completely.

Prolon Meal Program v2

For those who are interested, I’ve gone ahead and summed up the calories per day. They estimate as follows. But please note that the actual totals will vary per person, due to the L-Drink being mixed per your body weight. My calculation is the average, using 1/2 of the drink mix per day.

  • 1 = 1,095 calories
  • 2 = 775 calories
  • 3 = 790 calories
  • 4 = 775 calories
  • 5 = 800 calories


Soups serve as the staple component of the Prolon diet. You can expect to eat two per day for all five days of the fast. Luckily, there are quite a variety of ProLon soup flavors, and all are quite tasty. Each of them come in powdered form and require reconstitution with water. Although a couple may be microwaved, the preferred method is on stovetop. Prolon Tomato Soup is a fan favorite, but my personal ‘go-to’ is the Butternut Squash with Quinoa.

My “secret” tip is to add additional water (1/2 to 1 cup extra) while cooking. This does thin the flavor a little bit, but the soups are hearty enough that you won’t notice. More importantly, it allows you to eat for just a tad longer, and fills you up just that much more. Therefore you come away feeling like you ate something more substantial than just one cup of soup! Read my original Prolon review for additional tips on how to make the best of your week of fasting.

The pictures I’ve provided below are of the soup flavors contained in Prolon “Variety 2”, and match those listed on the Meal Card above.

Butternut Squash Soup

Black Bean Soup

Tomato Soup

Butternut Squash & Quinoa Soup

White Bean & Spinach Soup

The soups below are part of Prolon “Variety 1”. They are not part of the Fasting-Mimicking Diet kits I received, but may be included in your box. (Click to enlarge)


L-Nutra’s proprietary nut-based L-Bar is the other staple of the ProlonFMD meal kit. This serves as the fatty fuel you’ll eat for breakfast to keep you going all day. On three of the days you’ll also be treated to a Choco-Crisp Bar. For all of you with a sweet tooth, this is a much welcomed chocolatey treat. Nibble it to make make it last longer, and savor the sweet flavor.

L-Bar Nut-Based Bar

L-Bar Nut Bar Info

L-Bar Choco Crisp

Prolon L-Bar Choco Crisp
Choco Crisp Info

Crackers and Olives

These are the “snacks” that provided to either round out your midday meal or carry you over between lunch and dinner. Honestly, these crackers are pretty tasty and have a satisfying crunch. I think I’d buy them on their own if I could find them! The olives are, well… olives. They taste good, but are not remarkable nor extraordinarily filling. But you will be grateful for each day they are included.

Kale Crackers

Prolon Kale Crackers
Kale Cracker Info

Olives With Sea Salt

Olives With Garlic

 ProLon Gives You Reset In Just 5 Days By Providing The Benefits Of Fasting Without Having To Skip A Meal!


When you are not drinking water (and lots of it) during your fast, it is suggested that you drink herbal tea. Prolon also includes a nice, big bottle from which you are encouraged to sip their proprietary “L-Drink”. This drink comes in two fruity flavors, and mainly serves to help you maintain your levels of glycerol. This is important because during your fasted state, glycerol is used in gluconeogenesis. This is the production of glucose from non-carbohydrate components such as fat and muscle. ProLon L-Drink may help you retain more muscle while you still gain all the other benefits of the fasting-mimicking diet.

L-Drink Orange / Tropical Berry

ProLon Teas

Prolon Tea Variety


Because you are eating very little in order to trick your body into thinking it is fasting, you will also be limited in the nutrients you are getting from food. Therefore, Prolon provides the following supplement in order to give the necessary vitamins and nutrients your body needs during the five-day fasting-mimicking diet.

NR-1 and Algal Oil

Prolon NR-1 and Algal Oil
Prolon NR-1 Info
Prolon Algal Oil Info

I hope you find this review of Prolon ingredients useful. I would not recommend trying to replicate this scientifically-designed diet on your own. However, knowing the ingredients of Prolon should give you comfort in knowing that you will get to eat real food while fasting. More over, this list should give a good idea of what it truly takes to craft a balanced, low-calorie diet. In turn, that may help you consider changes you can make in your regular, daily meals to perpetuate your healthy living even after you’ve completed the fasting-mimicking diet.

What else would you like to know about Prolon? What questions do you have about the product or the experience in using it? Drop a comment below, or shoot us an email at contact@kaldzar.com.

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