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ProLon Fast Review: Answering Frequently Asked Questions About the FMD

ProLon and fiddle-leaf. Photo by Dave Hughes.

ProLon Fast Review: Answering Frequently Asked Questions About the FMD

We frequently post about fasting because we believe the health benefits related to periods of calorie restriction are worth the effort. Likewise, we receive many questions about various fasting methods and inquiries about products like ProLon FMD. Luckily, our very own Hana actually worked almost four years at the company that developed ProLon. Therefore, she has first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge about the brand, the product, the scientists and research behind it, as well as its health coaches and customers. For this ProLon Fast Review we’ve asked her to share some of her particular insight about the 5-day fasting-mimicking diet. In particular, she will answer the most frequently asked questions about ProLon, and add her own tips regarding the FMD. Hopefully this will arm you with all the information you need to decide whether to try ProLon for yourself, and how to do it safely and effectively.

How did you get involved with the brand and what was your personal experience with ProLon?

I worked with L-Nutra (the developers of the Prolon brand) for several years when it was still a start-up. During that time I contributed to their sales and marketing departments from the very early stages. I wore several hats while there, which was both very exciting and challenging all at the same time. Being in that position allowed me to intimately observe and contribute to the brand’s growth and development. Altogether, it was a great experience.

As for the product itself, I have seen first-hand how it has changed many, many peoples’ lives. Notably, these changes have always been for the better. And during my roles within the company, I directly received -and had the pleasure of listening to- many success stories. I also attended many conventions where the brand was greatly appreciated and received positive feedback.

On a more personal level, I have done the ProLon fast 6 or 7 times over the past 3 years. I am an active athlete and therefore I organize the 5-day fast during my ‘off’ training weeks. This is when I usually focus on recovery, mobility and flexibility. Almost every time I have done the fast I experienced weight-loss, shinier hair, fresher looking face and skin, and a smaller appetite that followed for weeks post-fast.

A lot of people have tried the 5-day diet… Gwyneth Paltrow sells it on Goop, and Jenifer Aniston has made a few shout-outs. What’s all the hype?! 

Well, it’s always a great thing when high profile people support and promote a brand. But it’s more than just the brand; they have had really great things to say about the product itself. The benefits of ProLon are tremendous so it is really no surprise that more and more people will adopt and recommend the diet.

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Is it hard to fast for five days?

For some it is, for others not so much. What is great about Prolon is that it allows the body to enter into a beneficial fasting state without triggering the cells nutrient sensors. Meaning, it actually mimics fasting while still allowing you to eat food. The alternative would be to do a water fast and personally…. I would much rather get to eat something, even if it’s just some olives or a soup.

But there are things you can do to prepare for the fast such as slowly reducing your calorie and sugar intake starting a week prior, as well as mentally preparing for the fast. Doing things like picking a new book to read or starting on a new art piece can keep you busy during those 5 days. I recommend starting in advance so that the momentum is there before you even begin Prolon FMD.

Prolon fasting mimicking diet

A few tricks I have learned to help get you through the Prolon 5-day fasting mimicking diet are:
– Eat the foods in the box slowly! This is great training for controlling your portions later on down the line.
– Drink a glass of warm water before each meal or when feeling hungry.
– Tea’s were never my thing, but drink them! They fill you up and have tremendous benefits.
– And as noted above, don’t be afraid to get group support.

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How often is someone supposed to do ProLon?

It all depends on you and your goals. In order to take ProLon you must first pass a health test that clears you for the fast. There are certain criteria that may prevent you from being able to do the it. For example, ProLon Fast may not be right for you if you are diabetic, underweight or pregnant. Then it basically comes down to your goals. Are you looking to lose some weight and control your appetite, or are you trying to balance your blood sugar levels? While ProLon can safely be done once a month, you may get the results you need by doing it every 2-3 months. Or perhaps you may be someone like myself, who is more interested in the cellular cleansing process or reduced inflammation that the fast can help you achieve. In which case I would do the fast every 5-6 months.

The brand does a very good job in helping you understand just how many times and how often you should be doing the fast based on all those factors. They have a fasting group on Facebook where the community all fasts together during the same week. This allows them to support one another during the 5 days because for some of us the fast can be tough!

The diet isn’t exactly cheap – Is ProLon worth its price?

You should always be willing to invest in your health! Just like any other supplement you may want to buy, it’s important to look beyond just the commercial marketing. Who is developing the product? What kind of testing are they doing? What goes into the research and development of it all? This to me is what justifies high ticket items such as Prolon FMD.

The fasting mimicking technology was developed at the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California by a team of researchers led by Professor Valter Longo. After two decades of research into the powerful health benefits of fasting, the National Institute of Health (NIH) recognized the importance of the project and granted millions of dollars to the team with the specific goal of developing fasting mimicking technology! Today there are over 16 top universities across the globe that are testing a FM formulation for applications in longevity and disease prevention, such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

So in summary, yes, ProLon is worth the investment. But it is even better if you can get it at a reduced price.

Prolon fasting mimicking diet

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Other than insane weight-loss results, what else can someone expect during the fast?

Although the diet clearly helps kickstart weight loss by targeting visceral fat, it also can help you achieve many other, greater things. Periodic fasting – fasting for 5 days followed by a return to a normal diet – triggers cellular protection and rejuvenation pathways collectively known as autophagy. Autophagy is your body’s natural ability for replacing and renewing old, worn out cellular components. This powerful process encourages healthy aging and can reduce hunger during fasting at the same time.

Is it normal to lose that much weight in such a short period of time?  

Yes. Whenever you are in a calorie deficit, weight loss can be expected. Similarly, when your body is under that much stress (from fasting) and is not receiving energy in the form of calories, weight loss again can be expected. Some of the lost weight will be from water however, the scientific studies behind the 5-day diet have shown real results in the reduction of visceral fat of mice. That is the fat located around the abdomen.

On average I used to lose around 6-9 lbs during every fast. My body fat percentage was relatively low at the time so I did see 3-4 lbs of weight gain post fast that must have been due to water. I have worked with clients who achieved almost 10-12 lbs of weight loss and then continued to see the weight drop even after the fast was completed. This was because we approached the fast strategically by first prepping our bodies for the 5-day fast, and then programming our return to the gym and diet as soon as the fast was done. Committing to something like a 5-day fast is hard enough as it is, so why not continue the effort after the hardest part is done.

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Can I still exercise while using ProLon FMD?

The concept of exercise is to build and improve. In order to do this you need to elicit a certain reaction that impacts your muscles, or cardiovascular system depending on what you are exercising, that would then translate into ‘gains’ and improved performance. But in order to do this effectively you need proper nutrition and protein (building blocks) to enable the growth and recovery as well as provide the energy for an effective training day. As we discussed before, ProLon puts you in a caloric deficit eliminating essential energy and protein needed for exercise gains.

Stretching in a Class. Image by Anthony Shkraba.

I usually advise changing your routine during the 5 days on ProLon and focusing on a flexibility and mobility program instead. Similarly, if you are an athlete practicing a specific sport, then time spent improving on technical skills and/or range of motion for that sport can be practiced lightly. In general, avoid anything that is high impact and demanding on the body.

Seriously, How does everything taste?

In general the food in the diet tastes just fine. As a previous member of the team, I remember doing many taste tests on new flavored ProLon soups, ProLon crackers, and L-Bar(s)… The team were thorough on trying to get the flavors to where they should be (i.e., appealing) while keeping the essential components, in terms of macro and micro nutrients, as per the scientific research findings.

My favorite and most popular item within the Prolon community are the L-Bars, aka the Fast Bar. They come in various flavors and make a healthy snack even when you are done with the fast. If you have any food allergies or intolerance then you should check to see if you can follow the plan. For example, the diet is not appropriate for those with allergies to nuts. For your convenience, here’s a listing of ProLon box contents, ingredients, and nutritional facts.

L-Nutra Fast Bar Variety

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What if I can’t finish the fast?

Although unfortunate, it does happen that one cannot complete the entire 5 days on the ProLon fast. There are instances when people develop what is known as the “Keto Flu”. Keto flu is a group of symptoms that can appear when starting on a ketogenic diet. These symptoms resemble headaches, foggy brain, fatigue, irritability, nausea, difficulty sleeping and constipation. If you do experience such symptoms then reach out to your physician for your next steps. Similarly, you can connect with a representative or health coach at ProLon for additional support and advice. Although you will not get refunded for your box of ProLon, you can learn from the experience and be better prepared the next time you attempt to do the fast.

And what should we do after we finish the fast…? do we just return to our normal life and eating habits?

Work Out with a Trainer. Image by Julia Larson.

Once you are done with the 5-day fast then no, I hope you don’t go back to normal! I always encourage my clients to work with their new found appetite control, and focus on making it a permanent habit. When it comes to the weight lost, I would encourage you to get yourselves into the gym and work on maximizing the effects of weight loss with a new and exciting training program that will keep your metabolism stimulated and body churning. If your old ways were not helping you then why go back to them? Take advantage of the many benefits that a product like ProLon can help you achieve, then take control of your future. Look at is as a kick-start or booster diet that gives you a solid push when you need it the most.

Where can I buy ProLon?

The 5-Day Fasting-Mimicking Diet is not available in stores, but you can order online with us. Be sure to use our ProLon discount code to get the best deal!

Can I do ProLon while on my period?

You should not try ProLon while you are on your period, nor if you are pregnant or nursing, underweight, or have a history of an eating disorder. Anyone with chronic medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes, or heart or liver disease should get a doctor’s approval prior to trying ProLon.

Can you drink coffee while on ProLon?

I find it funny when asked questions like these, although over the years I have gotten plenty of them. Technically, if it’s not in the box then technically you shouldn’t have it. However, you can have one coffee (black, with no cream or sugar) or caffeinated tea per day if necessary. Many people who drink caffeinated beverages may experience withdrawals that come with a massive headache. Having a sip of coffee can help manage those symptoms. But note: It has not gone through the same research and has not been included in any of the scientific studies. So avoid it altogether if possible so you can get the full potential benefits of the fast.

All things considered, would you recommend it?

In short: Yes! I don’t work for L-Nutra any longer, so have not obligation to support their product. However, I will most likely always recommend ProLon because I believe in the proven science behind it, as well as the results I’ve seen. I have personally experienced the benefits of rejuvenation, weight-loss, and more with the 5-day fasting-mimicking diet and I am positive you can, too.

I hope you find the information in this ProLon Fast Review useful in helping you decide whether to give the 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet a try. If you have other questions, please drop them in the comments section below, and we’ll respond right away. And if you do try ProLon FMD, please let us know about your experience. Good luck!

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