ProLon Special Offer! Save More w/ Our ProLon Discount Code!
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Use Our ProLon Discount Code to Save Even More Off This Special Offer!

Sale. Discount. Save Money. Original image by Sora Shimazaki - cropped.

Use Our ProLon Discount Code to Save Even More Off This Special Offer!

When we see a great deal for products we love, we have to share it with our readers. And of course, if we’re able to sweeten the deal, you know we’ll tell you about that, too. That’s why we are excited to tell you about this 2022 New Year deal for Prolon!

Order the two-box holiday bundle, and you’ll receive each ProLon FMD Meal Kit for only $175, plus Twenty (20) Fast Bars for FREE! And as always, you can save an additional 15% off your order simply by using our ProLon discount code at checkout.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer from ProLon to save huge while stocking up on the 5-day meal kits and Fast Bars. You’ll be ready to reset, rejuvenate and lose weight – and easily maintain your fasting goals – even when you’re eating!

ProLon for Only $175 + 20 Free Fast Bars

Use our ProLon coupon code KALDZAR to save an EXTRA 15% OFF!

ProLon New Year 2022: $175 and 20 Fast Bars

ProLon + 20 FREE Fast Bars

Regularly $249… On sale for an amazingly low $175.00/box when you order the 2-box bundle


  • 2x ProLon 5-Day Fasting-Mimicking Meal Kit [regularly $249 each = $498 value]
  • 20x Fast BarsFREE! [regularly $52 value]
  • Shipping – FREE!

*Use ProLon Discount Code KALDZAR to save an extra 15% off!
And get it all for only $148.75 per box! Over $250 in savings!

ProLon - What's in the kit (Jan 2022)
ProLon - Experience Fasting (Jan 2022)

-Learn More About Fast Bar-

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ProLon FMD

The original 5-Day Fasting-Mimicking Diet is proven to increase cellular rejuvenation and regeneration in order to promote your health and longevity. 

Prolon fasting mimicking diet

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