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Fasting With Food? Yes! And Use Our ProLon Coupon Code to Save, Too!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Fasting With Food? Yes! And Use Our ProLon Coupon Code to Save, Too!

Over two decades of research on calorie-restricted eating has shown that four to five days of fasting is ideal for encouraging cellular clean-up and rejuvenation. Consequently, scientists at the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California used these findings to develop ProLon – the original Fasting-Mimicking Diet. This nutrition program allows you to reap the benefits of a 5-day fast, but without the deprivation of going totally without food. That means you can enjoy healthy benefits such as weight loss, metabolic balance and cellular rejuvenation… minus the starvation. This is what makes the FMD unique and effective for healthy aging and disease prevention. Additionally, this is what makes us such big fans, and so eager to share our ProLon coupon code with you!

Use ProLon and Enjoy:

  • targeted belly-fat loss
  • cellular clean-up and rejuvenation
  • more energy, focus and clarity

Use Our ProLon Coupon Code -KALDZAR- at Checkout to Enjoy 15% Off Your Next Order

+ FREE Shipping!

The Fasting Plan That Lets You Eat

ProLon is unlike any other fasting nutrition program or dieting plan due to its unique, scientifically-proven claims.

  • Precision nutrition gives you essential nutrients but doesn’t activate your body’s food-sensing system
  • Based on over 20 years of scientific research funded by groups such as the National Institute of Health
  • You are essentially fasting… but with food!

The health benefits of fasting are worth the investment in yourself. But use our promo code to get the best ProLon price and increase the overall value.

Prolon FMD

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