Natural Stacks: Supplements for a "Better Brain. Better Life."
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Natural Stacks

Natural Stacks Products banner

Natural Stacks

We are eager to partner with and promote Natural Stacks because we fully agree with their mission: “Better Brain. Better Life. They believe that regardless of your age, a better working brain is essential to experiencing and enjoying life to its fullest. Additionally, with the right nutrition, we can all think clearly, focus for hours, and have a balanced mood. That is why they partner with the world’s leading ingredient suppliers and manufacturers, and leverage patented technology and breakthrough research, to create highly-potent, all-natural brain supplements.

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Because we always want to know what we are putting into our bodies -and minds- we love the transparency behind Natural Stacks’ innovative formulas. Not only do they provide ingredient traceability and full label disclosure, but also 3rd-party lab testing on every single batch. This allows you to fully understand the sources and amounts for all that you’re taking. In turn, you can confidently stack your supplements in the ways that best support your needs, so that you can get the most out of them, too.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Not only does Natural Stacks stand behind their products, but they also stand behind those who need help. Their transparency extends beyond their product ingredients; it also applies to their revenue. With every sale they make, they provide funding to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund in order to continue the research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s disease. So when you purchase from Natural Stacks, you’ll help bring clarity to your mind, as well as others who need it, too. Building brains while showing heart… we’re down with that!

Cure Alzheimer's Fund banner



Natural Stacks NeuroFuel

The original CILTEP® formula for enhanced focus, deep concentration and improved memory.

$29.95 only $22.46 when you subscribe (25% Savings!)

Neurofuel Lemonade

The #1 patented natural brain formula is now available in fast acting, instant lemonade drink.

$44.95 only $33.71 when you subscribe (25% Savings!)

NeuroFuel + Smart Caffeine Stack

Deep focus, concentration and energy all-in-one.

$49.90 only $44.95 (when purchased as a stack rather than separately)


Natural Stacks MagTech

The purest, most bioavailable magnesium supplement on the planet.

$34.95 only $26.21 when you subscribe (25% Savings!)

Don’t just take our word for it. Read how MAGTECH® provides deep, restful sleep… and the testimonials that back it up.

Magtech Lemonade

The best magnesium on the market, optimized for easy absorption.

$44.95 only $33.71 when you subscribe (25% Savings!)


Natural Stacks Brain Food - Acetyl-Choline

Acetyl-Choline BRAIN FOOD™
Supports faster thinking, memory and cognitive function to help eliminate brain fog.

$39.95 only $29.96 when you subscribe (25% Savings!)

Natural Stacks Brain Food - Serotonin

Supports a positive mood, promotes a sense of well-being, and relieves stress.

$39.95 only $29.96 when you subscribe (25% Savings!)

Complete Stack

Mental Performance Stack from Natural Stacks

Everything you need to think faster, remember more, and boost your productivity.

$117.95 only $88.46 when you subscribe (25% Savings!)

Natural Stack banner2

We have partnered with brands we trust, all of whom support the healthy lifestyle we promote.  Learn more about them, and take advantage of the discounts we’ve shared for their products.

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