Music On My Teeth (MOMT): Launch of a New Era of Sound
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Music On My Teeth

Kaldzar presents MOMT - Music on my Teeth

Music On My Teeth

Kaldzar constantly strives to bring you new, exciting, and useful information. All of which is intended to promote personal and social growth across our three pillars of focus:
Identity – Helping you understand who you are.
Wellness – Nourishing your body through movement and nutrition.
Connection – Building and unifying your human network.

With these in mind, Kaldzar begins a new chapter and proudly presents our new brand: “Music On My Teeth”.

The MOMT brand embodies these same principles, and will aim to demonstrate and resonate them through the power of music.

//The Importance of Music


Nada Zarour

Whether you realize it or not, music is likely a very significant part of your life in one way or another. Certainly music is everywhere as a part of modern life. It is in nature all around us, on the radio, in commercials, and is used to heighten the movie and entertainment experience. But even more importantly, it serves as the soundtrack to your life. It can reflect and enhance your mood, or even change it completely. This is one of the driving forces behind the name “Music On My Teeth”. We all loving singing to our favorite vocals. And good music almost always makes us show our teeth in a big glowing smile.

Walking together in sync. Photo by Cottonbro.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk with someone, you synchronize your footsteps?

It is your subconscious need to walk in rhythm, and stay connected..

The music you choose plays a large part in how you identify with yourself and with whom you can connect. So much so, that it can serve as a device for recognizing social groups and maintaining the cohesiveness among them.

Music and language have a lot in common. Learn a finite number of words, and you can create an infinite number of sentences. Learn a certain number of chords and notes, and you can create an endless amount of music. I grew up learning the classical piano, and by the time I graduated through the Trinity College – Board of Music, I found myself able to communicate to my family, friends and strangers through my musical pieces. Words were no longer my only form of language. The same remains true to this day; and thus, becoming another driving force behind the MOMT name. However, one distinction I can make between the two, is that music can be much more emotional than language.

// The Evolution of Sound

We have chosen to launch Music On My Teeth now, because we feel that we are on the precipice of a new era of sound.

// A New Dawn

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a burden to most, to say the least. The continued lockdowns, quarantines and other social distancing practices have forced us apart more than we’d like. The forced isolation removed two major factors that traditionally contributed to the development of our currently popular sounds: social groups and direct consumers.

What’s the silver lining? Without these two groups to “vote” on songs and push genres, artists are able to develop, create, and test in a different manner and to a limited number of people, versus what they normally did before. Therefore, instead of playing to what the crowd wants, artists are becoming more personal with their sounds. They are playing more of what they like and they are also more free to experiment with things that may not have conventionally been accepted.

Some artists who don’t have access to studios are forced to be more creative. They must record their own sounds by either going to the beach, scraping the balcony railings, and shaking whatever they can find in the house… In other words, they are exploring new ways to bring their sounds to life and into their music. Creativity at its finest.

When these new tunes do reach us and the greater market, we’re sure to be scintillated by new noises and rhythms that are unlike those from our recent past. So, while coronavirus may have stifled social interaction, it has provided an opportunity for new artistic, musical growth.


MOMT is a vehicle that aims to share these new sounds digitally and push the evolution of music to new heights. And support the artists and producers in the process.

Ultimately, the goal is to enchant our eardrums, and allow us all to maximize our “flow” – A joyful state of immersion, wherein you lose all sense of time.

MOMT will explore and collaborate with artists across all genres of music (hip hop, electronic, pop…), all kinds of artists (Vocalists, DJ’s, Rappers…), playing all kinds of instruments (Piano, drums, guitar…) and more. If you find yourself in any of these categories and wish to share you music, consider our platforms yours and reach out to us today.

All MOMT productions and collaborations will be published via our YouTube and Twitter channels. Subscribe to our channel to hear all the latest upcoming sounds that we eagerly anticipate debuting in the months ahead.

Show your support, not only to us but to the evolution of music!

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Hana Zarour

Movement Specialist; Specialist in Sports Nutrition, Exercise Therapy, Weightlifting Performance Coach.

I get most excited when working on projects and challenges that stimulate growth and thinking.

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  • Dalia
    Posted at 22:07h, 25 January Reply

    Super exciting and can’t wait for all MOMT editions 💃🏻 👏

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