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GOATA Movement

Movement and Exercise. Original image by pixabay, cropped.

GOATA Movement

The principles of this training system may be the key to unlocking the strongest, most pain-free and athletic you!

G.O.A.T.A. is an acronym which stands for “Greatest Of All Time Actions” (or “Greatest Of All Time Athletes”). It is also the name of an innovative program that emphasizes natural movement to relieve pain and improve training results. Therefore, we are excited to introduce this system to help you become your “Greatest Of All Time You”!

Sharing Is Caring

Information about the health and fitness industry – it’s versatile techniques and developing methodologies – can be tricky to follow. It started off with fat being declared our enemy, and now carbs is reigning villain… Cardio was the ultimate fat-burning exercise, but recent research now proves strength training is more effective.

Even as someone who lives in this industry, I find it difficult to stay current with the ever-changing information. So I have two main principles I follow when it comes to this stuff:

Firstly, I review all aspects of multiple decades of learning to find a routine that is effective. As a trainer I must sort through the facts, resolve conflicting or redundant views, and promote an efficient routine per case scenario. We all only have so much time, money, and energy. Therefore, I endorse only the few things that are truly beneficial and that we can sustain in our daily lives. My ultimate goal is to help us all live the most pain-free and happy life possible.

Secondly, when I do come across beneficial new techniques, adventurous scientific research, or even yummy recipes: I share. When I find something really good, it is important that I pass it along to all my friends and followers. The hope is to offer a positive impact to as many lives as possible

And today, GOATA is something that resonates with me. From the theory to the methodology and application, each step of the program promotes solid principles and techniques. I relate to the effectiveness and elegance that come from its simplicity. Further, I believe this system could have a positive impact on many of you.

Watch Ann Hoang, a certified GOATA trainer, Discuss and Demonstrate this movement program:

Maximize your gains by minding your Rest Intervals

What is GOATA?

Our body moves through space in spirals, not straight lines. We move in the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes; however, that doesn’t mean we train strictly within one, or even two planes. When we’re moving through space, our bodies typically play in all three of these planes simultaneously and in synchronicity. 

The way that we train will dictate how we move. If I train myself to walk pigeon-toed, I will walk pigeon-toed. If I am always training with a braced core and stiff spine, I will start start walking and running with a braced core and stiff spine. (and I used to!) But that’s not how we are designed to move. 

Poor movement patterns will result in an increased risk of injury and pain. GOATA teaches proper movement patterns to help avoid and heal injury, and unlock athletic potential.

Anatomical Planes

The Origins of GOATA

Take a look at how a baby crawls. And at the gait and movements of multi-decade athletes (like Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders, Tom Brady, Ed Reed)… The indigenous peoples… Master athletes who are 70, 80, 90+ years old and are still active… These groups are not innately getting hurt, and are moving well into older age.

Using math that is seen throughout mother nature along with slow motion video, GOATA founder, Coach Gil Boesch, found that all four populations have the same patterns of movement. 

GOATA movement coaches are re-coding people of all ages to get back to their innate movement patterns.”

GOATA coaches skillfully analyze movement patterns using slow motion video. They then use this information in developing a personalized regimen for each client. This helps the athlete/person decrease -and hopefully eliminate- chronic pain and their risk of injury. Additionally, the individualized plans help increase their performance and efficiency, and allow them to move safely for life. All GOATA coaches are committed to saving the world’s connective tissue by teaching our athletes a better quality of movement in their athletes to make them durable and resistant. 

GOATA operates on the singularity that there is continuous flow of movement from one side of the body to the other. There is a full cycle of collecting, transferring, and releasing of energy. The durable endurance pattern is: landing in a drop-in and bow (one side of the body is rotating outwards in synchronicity), leaving through the corner (one side of the body is rotating inwards in synchronicity), and resetting to repeat the cycle on the other side of the body. Forward movement is a pressure wave from out to in. 

A Long Pier. Image by Pok Rie

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What type of person would benefit from applying the techniques of GOATA Movement?

I have worked with people from all different kinds of backgrounds and occupations. This includes folks who feel like they have absolutely no athletic background. Subsequently:

“I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from learning how to move like a GOATA!”

Pain isn’t normal. If you are experiencing some kind of chronic pain (tendinitis, sciatica, bursitis, etc), then take a closer look at how you’re moving and resting. 

One of my clients, a teacher who had to transition to virtual teaching, began to experience hip pain to the point where she could not walk comfortably from the drastic change in lifestyle. Instead of walking and standing to teach, many teachers were in a chair, in front of a laptop, for hours on end. After assessing her movement patterns, it was clear that she was missing a part of the GOATA movement cycle. Subsequently, after two months of repatterning her movement, we were able to eliminate her hip pain and she could go on walks pain free. 

Another client, a 28 year old dietician-athlete-and-fitness trainer, started to feel intense pain at the beginning of January 2020. She was diagnosed with sciatica, hip bursitis, and hip tendinitis. Fast forward to July 2020… After going through multiple doctors and PTs, she was still in pain and still limited in her physical activity. Shortly after, we began working together. By analyzing her movement using slow-motion video, and using the GOATA movement system, we were able to change the way that she moves and eliminate her pain within 3 months. Subsequently, we are now working towards getting her back to playing basketball safely and making her injury resistant! 

Be pain-free for life!

The GOATA Movement training method is specifically designed to help you move the way nature intended. The pain free exercises help you avoid the motions and bad habits that cause discomfort. Additionally, they strengthen the good motions and habits that encourage you to move freely and with power. If you have been struggling with back pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain… anything inflammation that prevents you from performing the activities you love… this system may a solution for what ails you

Picture by Roman Davayposmotrim

Mobility Vs Flexibility Defined, and How To Increase Both

Mobility and flexibility are closely related; however, they require different exercises and attention for you to perform optimally. Let’s review the difference between the two, and how to increase them both.

Should GOATA be done on its own or can it be combined with other types of training? 

GOATA should be learned on its own. After you understand GOATA, you’ll see it everywhere. This allows GOATA to be extremely applicable to all forward locomotive sports and movements.

“By improving the athlete’s movement patterns, they will be more efficient, increase their performance, and decrease their risk of non-contact catastrophic injury.

What about lifting? The lifting engine is different than the forward-traveling engine. Lifting is not GOATA, but you can modify lifts to support forward-moving patterns. For example, training with the heels up or training a landmine squat to include a bow and corner. 

What are some things I can do right now to improve my movement? 

  1. Walk on the outside edge of your feet. 
  2. Sit on the floor more. 
  3. Wear minimalist shoes with zero drop and a wide toe box 

What are the first 3-4 Movements we can get started on today?

(Watch the video with Ann showing us how to get started with these four motions)

  1. Groundwork Rockers
  2. Groundwork Corners 
  3. Drop in 
  4. GOATA walking 

Are there any other resources / videos that you think would be useful?

Certainly, here are some videos that are informative. (and motivating!)

  1. GOATA Testimonial 
  2. Why Olympic and Powerlifting Are Not For Forward Moving Athletes
  3. How Negative Energy Turns Into a Negative Shape
  4. GOATA Movement YouTube Channel
  5. GOATA Movement Official Site

Additionally, I HIGHLY recommend getting a set of GOATA chucks. These “wedges” will help transition your heels-down training to a more “dynamic-ready” heels-up position. They also allow for practice of keeping your inside ankle bone high. 

goata chucks

I hope you have found all the above to be informative and that you can start applying it to your training soon. If you have any questions or comments about the material -or any compliments for Ann- please drop them in the comments section below. And if you’ve been practicing GOATA movement exercises, we’d love to hear about your results and what you think of the program. Thanks, Good Luck, and Go Get It!!

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