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Save on Fast Bar – The Smart Way to Intermittent Fast

Photo by Marta Branco from Pexels

Save on Fast Bar – The Smart Way to Intermittent Fast

The origins of Fast Bar come from science. After more than 20 years of research, scientists at the University of Southern California discovered a nutri-technology that nourishes the body while keeping it in a fasting mode. This unique, calorie-restricted eating plan is now known as the Fasting-Mimicking Diet (FMD®). L-Nutra took the delicious nut bar from the FMD and made it available as Fast Bar. However, this scientifically-formulated bar is more than just a tasty snack. It can help with intermittent fasting by allowing you to fast for 10-12 hours and then eat a Fast Bar to curb hunger until your next meal. And the cool thing is: your body will remain in a fasted state! (But of course, Fast Bar can be consumed on-the-go and anytime you are short on time to eat, too.) We want to support your fasting and dieting goals, so are happy to share our Fast Bar coupon code with you!

Use Our Fast Bar Coupon Code -KALDZAR- to Save 10% Off Your Next Order!

Skip hunger, boost energy so you can fast for longer!

  • Clinically-developed, tested & proven to not break your fast
  • 20 + years of scientific research conducted at the world’s leading universities
  • $36 Million in research & development
  • Based on Nobel Prize winning science
  • Plant-based protein, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free
  • Five delicious flavors! And variety packs available.
Dark Cacao Fast Bar
Honey Nut Fast Bar
Lemon Berry Fast Bar

Use our Fast Bar promo code (KALDZAR) when you order so that you can get the best discount on Fast Bar and the best price possible.
Save on Fast Bar, and fulfill your fasting goals!

Fast Bar logo

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