Enjoy Today. Enjoy Every Day!

Every moment of every day we have conscious choices.
We can be happy or unhappy.
We can dread getting older or aspire wisdom through new experiences.
We can believe we know or be open to new experiences.
We can look for approval from others or give approval as never before.

Explore the freedom that comes with forgiveness.
Each of us has feelings and each of us has the right to perceive as we do.
Become a good listener, not a judge, and thus experience a panoramic view of life through many eyes.

We need to practice listening at every opportunity, rather than contradicting others.
The future only exists in our minds at this moment.
If we fear it, our minds are full of fear.
If we look forward to it, then our minds are full of hope.

Chaos only exists in our minds if we allow it to.

Revel in every moment give to you.
Time never runs out on us – we run out on time.
Each moment contains such overwhelming quality.

The past is gone – let it go.
The future is not born.
The present is the greatest present you could ever be given.
Try to waste as few moments as possible.

Relax and become more simple.

Every Day.

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Hana Zarour

Movement Specialist; Specialist in Sports Nutrition, Exercise Therapy, Weightlifting Performance Coach.

I get most excited when working on projects and challenges that stimulate growth and thinking.

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