Conditioning Workouts For General Fitness
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Conditioning Workouts For General Fitness & Cardiovascular Health

Conditioning Workouts

Conditioning Workouts For General Fitness & Cardiovascular Health

You can get improvements in fitness and heart function from a wide range of conditioning workouts. A general rule is intensity and volume function on an inverted relationship. Meaning, if you increase the training intensity, then you can get away with doing fewer and shorter repetitions. If you prefer more volume, then opt for moderate intensity work efforts. Here are some guidelines to conditioning workouts that can achieve those results:

Conditioning Workouts

#1 – Tabata Training: 20-seconds of maximal effort training followed by 10-seconds rest, repeated for 4-5minutes.

#2 – 30-20-10: 5-minute segments in which each minute is broken up into intervals. Work at an easy pace for 30 seconds, a moderate pace for 20 -seconds, and a high intensity for 10-seconds, and then repeat 5 times. This can be done for a total of 20-25 minutes

#3 – Descending Distance Protocol: Near maximal effort sprints in descending order as follows: Run 400 meters, rest 4 minutes, run 300 meters, rest 3 minutes, run 200 meters, rest 2 minutes and then do an all-out 100 meter sprint.

In the following workout we will practice the Tabata training conditioning workouts protocol where we have chosen to work for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second rest interval, repeated for 6 minutes.

6 mins

40 seconds Work
20 seconds Rest

40″ Kettlebell Swing
Rest 20″

40″ Mountain Climber
Rest 20″

Rest Time Between Sets: 20 seconds
To understand more about rest timings, read our post on rest intervals.

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