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Conditioning Workout For Fat Loss and Metabolic Benefits

Conditioning Workout

Conditioning Workout For Fat Loss and Metabolic Benefits

Conditioning is an essential part of any well designed workout program. When it comes to conditioning, most people think of long, slow aerobic exercise. In reality, there are numerous conditioning protocols that can get you better results in less time.

Conditioning Workouts Produce Many Benefits

  1. They improve your overall fitness so that you can run up the stairs, kill a CrossFit workout, or hit the basketball court without passing out.
  2. They increase efficiency of the heart, lowering resting heart rate and allowing the heart to pump more blood with each beat.
  3. They convey metabolic benefits, improving insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance while helping to keep body weight in check.
  4. They increase the number and density of capillaries, which means more oxygenated blood reaches your brain and muscles with less effort.
  5. They enhance function of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure.
  6. They improve recovery from heavy strength workouts by increasing blood flow to damaged tissue.
  7. They are a great stress reliever and have been shown to improve hormone balance, raising levels of energizing, fat burning hormones, such as growth hormone, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, while balancing cortisol.

For Fat Loss & Metabolic Benefits

To lose fat and improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, conditioning workouts should intersperse intense effort with rest because this will elicit the greatest metabolic disturbance. Here are some guidelines of workouts that can elicit these benefits:

#1 – 8-second maximal effort sprints on a bike interspersed with 12 seconds active rest repeated for 20 mins.
#2 – Maximal Effort 30-second sprints on a bike or track interspersed with 3-4 minutes active rest. Repeat 4 to 7 times.
#3 – 1:1 Work-to-rest Protocol as shown below: 20 to 30 minutes of intervals with a 1:1 work-to-active rest ratio.

In the following workout we will practice the 1:1 Work-to-Rest Protocol. This refers to 20 to 30 minutes of intervals with a 1:1 work-to-active rest ratio, such as ten 30-second sprints alternated with 30-seconds active rest.

10 Mins Dynamic Stretch

3 Rounds (9 total sprints)

30″ Sprints > 30″ Air Squats

30″ Sprints > 30″ Walking Lunges

30″ Sprints > 30″ Curtsy Lunge

20 min: Incline Walk
Cool Down Stretch

To understand more about rest timings, read our post on rest intervals.

Conditioning doesn’t have to be a chore. By efficiently programming your workout to meet your goals, you can get fitter, healthier, and leaner with less time and effort.

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